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Did you know that the League is the second oldest conservation group in the State of Wisconsin? If you are concerned about the future of Dane County’s natural heritage, you will want to attend the Dane County Conservation League’s 21st annual fundraiser banquet. Proceeds from the event support educational scholarships, local DNR wildlife habitat projects, purchase of trout stream bank easements, prairie chicken recovery efforts, the raising of pheasants, and the construction of Blue Bird, Wren, Wood Duck, and Bat Houses





The next DCCL membership meeting will be held October 25 at Schwoegler’s Lanes, 444 Grand Canyon Dr., Madison beginning at 7pm.  Bob Lindmeier, Senior Chief Meteorologist, is scheduled to speak and will discuss climate change and how it can affect conservation efforts.  




October 20 was the closing date for the land purchase in the Leola Wildlife Area that will provide more excellent habitat for prairie chickens and many other birds and wildlife, not to mention saving the soil and promoting clean ground water.  The League made a substantial donation toward this 500+ acre purchase along with the WDNR, USF&W and the Nature Conservancy. Hear more about this at next week’s meeting.




Future meetings:

 November 15, combination Board and membership meeting, 7pm at Schwoegler’s.

 December 20 Board meeting at Schwoegler’s or via Zoom.

 January 17, 2023, Board meeting at Schwoegler’s or via Zoom.  

 January 24, 2023 Annual Meeting at Scwoeglers’s Lanes, Madison, WI, beginning at 7pm.  




The September membership meeting will be held Tuesday, September 27, at 7p.m. at Schwoegler Bowling Lanes, 444 Grand Canyon Dr., Madison.  Marie Gilbertson, DVM, PhD., and UW post-doctoral researcher will be discussing the DNR Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator Study that began several years ago and is still on-going.  The purpose of the study is to find the relationships between deer, predators and disease.  Ms. Gilbertson is one of the lead scientists working on the project and very much enjoys sharing information about it.  There is so much more information available that is too lengthy to include here. But, you may google Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator Study to read further.  This is a fascinating study and we can all learn a lot from reading and hearing more about it.  If you have any interest in deer, cwd and predators, you shouldn’t miss this meeting.  Get there early. Parking can be challenging. 



Jack Hurst joined the Dane County Conservation League and the Yahara Fishing Club in 1953.  He immediately became active in conservation activities in the Yahara Watershed and is still going strong.  Recently, a new fishing pier at Warner Park was named for Jack, and deservedly so.  He has lived in the area all of his life. There is a plaque near the pier that includes the following text:

“This fishing pier is dedicated to life-long North Side resident, environmentalist and defender of the Yahara River Watershed, Jack Hurst. His care, persistence and voice for the welfare of these waters are deeply appreciated by all who are drawn to these shores.”

  In 2007 the DCCL named him “Conservationist of the Year” and we should all be proud to have a fellow member like Jack.  Congratulations, Jack.



For the past few years some employees of the Baker Tilly Accounting firm have volunteered to assist the DCCL in a conservation related project on Baker Tilly’s community service day.  This year they assisted in assembling some wood duck houses that had been cut out and prepared by Jerry Paffenroth and Bob Degnan of the League.  Those volunteering from Baker Tilly were: Ryan Thompson, Leah Wipperfurth, Stuart Smith and Jeff Bloomer.  They prepared 11 structures that are now ready to be set out in Dane County.



Several hundred members gathered (or was it several dozen?) at the farm on August 13 to enjoy some great food and fellowship as well as a chance to view the birds, prairie and pine forest.  It was a beautiful day and we had the largest crowd since pre-covid days.  Thanks to Tom Klingbiel who led the event this year and to all of those who helped cook, set up and clean up.  Some raffles for pheasants and a wood duck house drew a lot of interest.  Let’s keep this tradition going next year.  (See photos elsewhere.) 



All birds have been distributed either to members who had the required work hours earned or to some buyers who took the extra birds.  About 31 members were able to take up to 18 birds and, in addition, sales totaled approximately $3,000.   Mortality rates were low this year, so we were able to provide a few more birds to all those with earned hours.  We also donated nearly 60 roosters to the Dane County Pheasants Forever Chapter for their “Learn to Hunt Day.”  PF members help us greatly by cleaning out the brooders after the chicks are turned out.  We thank them for that.

You may also notice when at the farm that new metal roofing materials have been installed on the brooders.  Many thanks to foreman Tim Heindl who led the project and his two skilled assistants – Ken LePine and Steve Kellogg.  These volunteer members saved the League a lot of money on labor costs and no one fell off a roof that we know of. 



The October membership meeting will also be held at Schwoegler’s Lanes on Tuesday, October 25 beginning at 7p.m.  Bob Lindmeier, Senior Chief Meteorologist at WKOW-TV, Channel 27 will be speaking on climate change.  More info coming later.  



in central Wisconsin.  About 4300 acres is owned by the DCCL and leased to the DNR without cost for 99 years with the requirement that it be managed for the benefit of prairie chickens.  Many other tracts of land in the area are also managed by the DNR for the same purpose.  Some of the main goals of the new plan include increasing grassland habitat by removing brush and doing more grazing, continuing research, adding additional managed acres through both purchase and lease, and encouraging neighboring land owners to convert sub-standard farm land to grassland. DCCL President, Sharon Schwab, attended the meeting virtually and reminded the Board that the work will benefit many species in addition to prairie chickens. 

At the same meeting the NRB approved purchasing some additional land bordering existing state lands subject to working out the final closing details.  The League is committed to making a financial contribution to the purchase if and when the deal is finalized. 



August 13 is the tentative date for the annual pheasant farm cookout.  More information will be coming when finalized. 



The farm is open every Saturday morning from about 8am until 10am.  Those wanting to earn birds need to donate 12 hours at the farm or other DCCL event.  The birds are doing well, but your help is always appreciated. There is work to be done every week.  Due to rising feed costs etc., we will probably be increasing the cost to purchase birds by a few dollars. Bird release date will be September 3 for members with qualifying work hours while sales will happen on September 10.  When all details are firmed up, there will be further communication.

Don’t forget about dues. You must pay them to get birds.  If you attended the banquet in September of 2021, it included dues for 2022.  So, if you did not attend the September 2021 banquet, you need to pay your dues as usual for 2022. 


Congratulations to DCCL member, Kevyn Quamme, who was elected First Vice-President at the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation annual meeting.  As First Vice-President, Kevyn would be next in line for the Presidency. 


Conserve Now That the Future May Live.......




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Pheasants will be given out starting aug 31st.  And Remember you must :

New Go wild DNR Website To Purchase a license, permit or register you kill.

Need a place to hunt this fall? Want to know where the pheasants are stocked each week? or even find a parking lot. check out this great hunting tool.  http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/lands/fflight.html


Membership meeting are starting in September

Board meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Membership meetings are the fourth Tuesday at 7:00pm. With Guest Speaker To discuss farm issues and conservation efforts. Everyone is Welcome to join us.

All Meetings are held at the  Schwoegler Park Town Lanes, 444 Grand Canyon Dr., Madison

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