Annual Meeting


It was the coldest night of the winter but that didn’t stop many DCCL members from coming out for the annual meeting held on January 25th at Schwoegler’s Lanes.  In addition to some nice door prizes and FREE PIZZA, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Mark LaBarbera, made a very informative presentation.  Of course, one of the main events of the evening was the election of Board members and officers.  Those elected to 3-year terms were: Tom Klingbiel, Richard Brye, Jeff Bloomer and Greg Dahl.  Tom Ripp was elected to fill out an open 1-year term. All are incumbents except Tom Ripp.  Steve Johnson chose not to seek re-election this year.  We thank Steve for his past service to the League.  Later, the Board members elected Sharon Schwab as President, Tim Heindl as Vice-President, Jeff Bloomer as Treasurer, and Lowell Carter as Secretary.  The Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Schwoegler’s Lanes at 7pm and all members are always welcome to attend.  



February Membership Meeting


The general membership meeting will be held at 7pm at Schwoegler’s Lanes in Madison on Tuesday, February 22.  We plan to have a speaker from the Prairie Enthusiasts organization.  Last year the League made a significant donation to a land purchase south of Blue Mounds spearheaded by the Prairie Enthusiasts.  We look forward to hearing about plans for the land.  It adjoins some land already held by this Prairie Enthusiasts.  



Volunteers Needed


Wisconsin Fishing Expo   The annual Wisconsin Fishing Expo is back this year at the Alliant Energy Center on February 25, 26, and 27.  The DCCL will have a booth at the Expo.  This is an opportunity to attract new members.  If you would like to help, contact Tom Klingbiel at 608-575-0295 or email at  


Open Seasons Sportsmen’s Expo  (formerly Deer and Turkey Expo)   Although the name changed several years ago, it seems that everyone still calls this event the Deer and Turkey Expo.  It was moved to the Kalahari Convention Center at Wisconsin Dells last year and will be held there again this year on March 25, 26 and 27.  We will have a booth at this Expo, also.  If you would like to help, call Richard Brye at 608-831-5878 or email at



DCCL Scholarships Presented


We are happy announce that two UW-Stevens Point students from Stoughton have been selected to receive the two annual $1,000 scholarships for 2022.  Eli Halvorson is majoring in Resource Management (Natural Resource Planning and Management) while Erin McCune is majoring in Forestry (Ecosystem Restoration and Management).  Congratulations to both young people.  To qualify for a DCCL scholarship an applicant must be an upper classman enrolled in the UW-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources and a Wisconsin Resident.  



Hunter Safety Education


Ray Anderson and his group of volunteers report that during 2021, 196 students completed the Hunter Safety Education Classes.  Of those, 31 were adults. Enrollments were down somewhat from the past due to COVID issues and there was an on-line test option last year.  The League donates blaze orange caps to all who graduate with the wording “DCCL Hunter Safety” emblazoned on the front.  



Draft Prairie Chicken Management Plan


The DCCL is recommending that members review and comment on the WDNR’s plan(s).  You can search the DNR website under ‘prairie chickens’ for the text of the plan.  We suggest emailing your support for Alternative 1.  There are four alternatives; number one being of most benefit to the birds and number four being the least beneficial.  Alternative 1 provides a great conservation bang for the buck.  It will not only benefit the prairie chickens, but all grassland bird species in the area.  The plan could also help grow grass-land based agriculture and help fight climate change through carbon sequestration, as well as improve soil health and water quality.  You can email your support to   



Conservation Reserve Program Info  


There will be a general CRP signup from January 31 through March 11, 2022.  Currently there are 22.1

million acres enrolled with a goal of 25.5 million.  This program helps establish long-term resource conserving plant species to help control erosion, improve water quality and enhance wildlife habitat.  The DCCL has several hundred acres in the Grassland Reserve Program that is part of the Conservation Reserve Program.  






Conserve Now That The Future May Live!!