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Did you know that the League is the second oldest conservation group in the State of Wisconsin? If you are concerned about the future of Dane County’s natural heritage, you will want to attend the Dane County Conservation League’s 21st annual fundraiser banquet. Proceeds from the event support educational scholarships, local DNR wildlife habitat projects, purchase of trout stream bank easements, prairie chicken recovery efforts, the raising of pheasants, and the construction of Blue Bird, Wren, Wood Duck, and Bat Houses



The annual cook out returned at the Pheasant Farm on August 14 and many members, family, and friends attended.  Everyone got to see the prairie in full bloom, observe the fast growing “forest,” enjoy great food and see the pheasants that are quickly maturing.  Special thanks to some of the key workers: Dave Pulda, Tom Klingbiel, Ken LePine, Cathy Matts and Darren Marsh.  Thanks also to everyone who helped and to those who attended.  Great to see people turn out.  (See photos elsewhere.)





A few eager volunteers from the accounting firm of Baker Tilly assisted DCCL member, Bob Degnan, in some wood duck structures maintenance recently.  It was a hot August day and fighting through chest-high weeds wasn’t all fun, but eight structures were inspected.  Six of those showed evidence of nesting with two having egg shells which proves that some ducklings were hatched.  Two houses did not have any activity.  Fresh wood shavings were installed where necessary.  This work is normally done in late winter, but the Baker Tilly community service day occurs in August and the birds are long past the nesting period.  We want to thank Chase Fangmeier, Kevin Atkins, Jordan Jagodinsky, and Tony Walton for their work.  (See photo elsewhere.)  





As you may know, Darren Marsh, recently retired as Director of Dane County Parks.  The League approached him about the possibility of serving a one year special term on the Board as our by-laws allow.   He graciously accepted and we look forward to having Darren’s valued counsel for the next year, at least.  Welcome, Darren.  The DCCL has a long history of providing financial and sometimes labor support to Dane County Parks.  





Reminder: those members who have at least 12 hours of volunteer hours in 2021 at a League activity can pick up pheasants on Saturday, September 4 between 8 and 10a.m.  Members may also pick up birds before 9a.m. on Saturday, September 11.  After 9a.m., birds will be sold to anyone; members or non-members.  Roosters will be $12 and hens $10.  A limited number of crates for hauling birds are available.  

The DCCL Board made some major decisions at its December 15 regular meeting regarding League
business in 2021. All of the changes have been brought about by the effects of COVID-19, of course.
1. All membership dues for 2021 are waived. If you were a member in 2020, you will be a member in
2. The annual meeting normally held in January is cancelled.
3. All current board members will have their terms extended for one year. Officers will also be the same.
4. There will not be a banquet in April but we may try to hold one this fall.
5. We will probably operate the pheasant farm as usual, but a further decision will be made in the next
month or two. This will depend somewhat on public health guidelines
6. Monthly membership meetings probably won’t resume until next fall. The board meets the 3rd
Tuesday of each month via Zoom.




The farm will be open every Saturday beginning on May 1 at 8am.  Most of the time we will be done with any chores by 10am.  Some of the first work to be done is repairing and mowing in the pens. At a recent Board meeting is was decided to change the work hours requirement this year.  Any member who paid dues in 2020 will receive an allotment of birds for 12 hours of work.  Same for new members who join in 2021.  Not all hours need to be made at the farm.  Hours apply if you have worked on any League activity. No credit is given for less than 12 hours of work or more than 12.  However, anyone is welcome to put in more than 12 hours or less than 12.  The day old chicks are scheduled to arrive about May 31, but it could be sooner if any become available.  





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 All Family members are welcome to join in on the fun!!

Pheasants will be given out starting aug 31st.  And Remember you must :

New Go wild DNR Website To Purchase a license, permit or register you kill.

Need a place to hunt this fall? Want to know where the pheasants are stocked each week? or even find a parking lot. check out this great hunting tool.  http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/lands/fflight.html


Membership meeting are starting in September

Board meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Membership meetings are the fourth Tuesday at 7:00pm. With Guest Speaker To discuss farm issues and conservation efforts. Everyone is Welcome to join us.

All Meetings are held at the VFW Hall, 133 E. Lakeside St.(off John Nolen drive). in Madison.

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