Bananas: Soothe upset stomachs.

Bell Peppers: Loaded with vitamin C.

Blueberries: Curbs diarrhea, high in natural aspirin. (May lower fevers and help with the aches and pains.)

Carrots: Loaded with beta-carotene.

Chili Peppers: Can open sinuses, and help break up mucus in the Lungs.

Cranberries: Help prevent bacteria from sticking to cells lining the bladder arid urinary tract.

Mustard & Horseradish: Helps break up mucus in air passages.

Onion has phytochemicals purported to help the body clear bronchitis and other infections.

Rice: Curbs diarrhea.

Tea: Black and green tea knot herbals) contain catechin, a phytochemical purported to have natural antibiotic and anti diarrhea effects.

Remember. serious conditions can masquerade as the common cold such as sinus infections, bronchitis, meningitis, strep throat, and asthma. If you have severe symptoms, or feel sicker with each passing day, call your doctor.

Membership meeting information

Board meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Membership meetings are the fourth Tuesday at 7:30pm. With Guest Speaker To discuss farm issues and conservation efforts.

All Meetings are held at the VFW Hall, 133 E. Lakeside St.(off John Nolen drive). in Madison.